Through a series of methodological tools and continuous interaction with relevant stakeholders, experts and an array of the retail community the project provides the European Commission services with:

  • A vision for the European retail ecosystem 2040,
  • Insights on the behaviour of market actors and their expected response to policy measures,
  • Sound information basis to support evidence-based policies, in particular vis à vis small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs),
  • Scenarios that provide future alternatives.

Selected findings will be summarised and published here. 


Foresight on Demand

Retail Ecosystem 2040: Scoping of the ecosystem

Authors: Laura Roman, Carmen Moreno, Alexandre Lotito, Maialen Perez (Technopolis Group)

The retail sector is undergoing a tremendous transformation, even beyond the trends imagined in a sectoral innovation report a decade ago. COVID-19 “has dramatically disrupted the sector, with the shock differing massively between brick-and-mortar versus online shops, essential versus non-essential stores, and small versus large retailers”. Changes in this sector will not only affect the many people who work in the sector but every consumer and thus every citizen. Thus, it is important to describe the changes in the ecosystem, to understand its future potential shape.


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